Work with me

I offer mentoring/counselling sessions for individuals or couples. This can be in person in Toorak, Vic, or online or by phone.

I also work with businesses and organisations wanting to develop an organisational culture which builds and sustains trust.

My particular interest is in Male Mentoring for individuals of any gender or sexual orientation, helping you to connect to your own inner, authentic masculine energy. Getting there involves a “Hero’s Journey” – an archetypal pattern of leaving behind what is known and familiar, overcoming fears and engaging with your own shadow – and through that, learning to connect with your own truth, courage and strength. The reward at the end of this spiritual journey is a deep place of inner knowing of who you are, what you stand for and what strengths you can draw on in yourself and others.

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For Men, benefits of working with Mike include:

  • Emerging clarity about your unique soul-purpose – what you are here in this life to learn or accomplish.
  • Learning to be fully present with others, including intimate partners and other men.
  • Finding and connecting with your heart
  • Discovering your courage in order to overcome the challenges that life throws at us.
  • Overcoming addictions and other patterns of avoidance.
  • Connecting with and nurturing your own inner child – the source of playfulness, passion and creativity.
  • Connecting with networks of supporting men; the ancient tribal connection that all men need.
  • How to be in fulfilling, intimate relationships without losing yourself and losing your own path in life.

For Women, benefits include:

  • Understanding the difference between healthy and distorted/shadow masculine energies.
  • Connecting in a healthy way to your own inner masculine – this is essential for healthy intimate relationships with others.
  • Healing old wounds with the Masculine arising from parents, previous relationships or the wounds of previous generations.

Mentoring is available either in person in Toorak, Melbourne, VIC, or via phone or skype sessions.

Rate: $90 per hour (concession rates can be negotiated)


I worked with Mike over about 6 months to address both specific and general blocks and obstructions that were preventing me from experiencing love and connection with community, partners, family and self. We worked deliberately and gently in person and online to address numbness and a lack of physical and emotional sensation in my body and heart. Mike’s process makes no assumptions and is directed by the participant in a cooperative fashion, with Mike serving as a compassionate guiding presence and overseeing facilitator. Mike’s skillset and practice reflect an understanding and an appreciation for the inseparability of the individual from the broader social and cultural and material realities of the world. He operates with an understanding that the individual exists within history and that ones personal experiences are often linked to broader unresolved social issues as well as family and personal conflict. Mike’s manner is calming and gentle, fatherly in its groundedness. I benefit from the work that Mike and I did together every day and it has served as a basis for further spiritual and emotional work I have done to expand my capacity for love, connection, pleasure and growth. – Declan