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Marx’s Critique of Capitalism

As an alternative system Marxism was disastrous failure. But as a critique of Capitalism it’s as relevant today as it ever was.

I don’t believe that Communism is the answer, but it’s increasingly clear that Capitalism isn’t the answer either. And you don’t have to be a communist or a Marxist to benefit from Marx’s incredibly insightful critiques into capitalism. Here you will get the key points in 10 minutes.

I first got exposed to these ideas in the early 80s reading a comic-book style tome “Marxism for Beginners” (the equivalent of the “XXXX For Idiots” series today) and it’s been so helpful for me to understand that “market forces” are not forces of nature but human constructs that we could change if we chose. When contemplating the many challenges facing the world today it is essential that we understand this! So I would argue, for example, that people concerned about climate change could really benefit from engaging with Marx’s critiques of capitalism.

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