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Are People Waking Up to the Truth?


Or are they?

The truth is that there is a battle going on for your mind and, especially in a US election year, it’s a very unequal battle where you are up against people with vast knowledge of how to manipulate people’s emotions, natural suspicions and beliefs. And they have deep pockets to fund PSYOPS (psychological operations) using A.I. People employing these tactics include governments, (US and Russian especially) and corporations.

For example, it’s no accident that my Facebook feed has seen a lot of stuff around pedophile rings recently. (Trigger warning)

Just to be clear, I absolutely believe that pedophile rings exist and ritualised abuse of children is something that happens, and I have worked with people who have experienced this. I’m also aware there are many people who have been abused as children in non-ritual ways. I also know that trafficking happens and, yes, I’ve watched the Jeffrey Epstein doco on Netflix.

It’s important stuff but it’s not what I’m talking about here.

Nothing is more likely to generate a reaction of moral outrage, fear and horror than the sexual abuse of children, and even more so when it is ritualised, satanic and linked to powerful people. It’s like the plot of the worst horror movie you could imagine. If you become aware that this is happening and there is anything, anything at all that you could possibly do to prevent it then you surely would. Otherwise what kind of human being are you?

To the cynical people running psyops, that natural human outrage is currency that they can use, and they are using it as part of a convoluted narrative involving the Deep State to convince people to support Donald Trump – a man whose actions since becoming President have been mainly around stripping away social and environmental protections so that corporations and wealthy individuals can make more profits at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable. Not everyone who gets concerned about pedophiles ends up supporting Trump, but many do, and that is the breadcrumb trail that is being set up for you to follow.

It’s almost the perfect ploy, because any opposition to these conspiracy theories gets twisted and seen as a defense of pedophiles, and who wants to be seen as defending pedophiles!

A friend just pointed out that in Australia we had something similar with the Children Overboard story leading up to the 2001 election where people’s natural compassion and outrage was hijacked for political ends. (see

That’s just one example. Another is the Plandemic film.

A lot of these conspiracy theories are simply new versions of a very old idea – gnosticism. It’s the idea that the world is not as it should be, it is broken, tainted, and keeps us trapped because it is ruled by an evil overlord. (It’s the ideas behind The Matrix and The Truman Show.) See John Vervaeke’s lecture on this, and why this powerful idea is also potentially dangerous. It’s dangerous because it says the evil in the world is in that other group of people over there, not in us. It’s the kind of thinking that led to the Holocaust, or the Killing Fields of Cambodia.

Yes, the mainstream media is deeply flawed, often corrupted by powerful vested interests, and it’s trying to sell you a story that suits it’s paymasters.

But you are very naive if you think that the non-mainstream media is not also being manipulated by powerful vested interests.

The difference is that in the mainstream media there is still some regulation, some legal frameworks for honesty and accountability, no matter how weak. Once you leave that world and start using social media as your main tool for sense-making …. Well, good luck to you. You are like a small fish entering the shark tank. You’d better watch out or before you know it you are an unwitting pawn in somebody else’s game, predictably responding as they tug your strings for an agenda you have no idea of.

If you really want to wake up, then start by doing some deep inner work. Work on your emotions so that you don’t get hijacked by them. Work on your shadow so that you don’t project your own darkness on to others.

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